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This web site is dedicated to people looking to make changes in their lives because they want to know more about the benefits of ionized restructured oxygenated water. Please review the information and contact your distributor. Thank you very much.

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Waiting for their chance for a miracle, a line of people often stretches for over a mile on a dusty road in the little town of Tlacote, Mexico. More than 10,000 a day sometimes come to visit Jesus Chahin's well and to take away a can or two of the now-famous miracle water which is said to have cured everything from AIDS and cancer to obesity and high cholesterol.
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Myths & Facts
If you do your research on Water Ionizers
you will find out about all manufacturers.
There are other lesser known copycats from
countries such as Korea, Taiwan, and China as well.

We do not not compare our "Ionized Restructured Oxygenated Alkaline Water" generator to these competitors, much like Lexus does not compare itself to Hyundai.

However Everyone is trying to compare themselves to "Ionized Restructured Oxygenated Alkaline Water" generator.

One of their marketing methods is circulating an article entitled, "Water: Myths and Facts".

They use our trade marks (Trade Mark) to draw people to their sites, and then insinuate that their units match up the same as our's dollar for dollar and feature for feature.

The article is a cleverly written piece of ad copy and unfortunately some have been convinced into buying inferior units without having all the facts.

Side Note: It is not the corporate head offices that are running these types of campaigns, but rather independent agents and small time dealers. Most Asian companies run their businesses very honorably and do not engage in these kind of tactics..

So..... Since we will not engage in these frivolous debates,
we as Distributors have decided to take up the cause. (Welcome to America)

Do You Have?

High Blood Pressure,
Acid Reflux,
Hot Flashes,
High Cholesterol,
Knee Pain,
Back Pain,
Over Weight,
Heart Disease,
Skin Problems, etc….

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Learning About This Water!
You can watch the Health and Water Movie Here
Note: Less than 1% of the earths water is drinkable.
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"Remember, it is not what
people do not know.
It is what people know that just
ain't so!"   -Will Rogers
The below web links are not endorsed by "H2Osys" but remain a good source of information for water use. Read and do not get hood winked, buffaloed, told half truths, or have information withheld from you. Buyer beware, even federal, state, and local governments.